About Rabbi AVIDAN Elkin

rabbi-photoRabbi Avidan Elkin learned in Yeshivat Ma’or Tuviah in Mizpeh Yeriho, Israel. After 6 years of study, he received his Semikhah (rabbinic ordination) from the Rosh Yeshivah, Rabbi Shabbtai Sabbato, Shlit”a. Rav Elkin is also a certified Shohet, Menaqer, and Sofer, and is currently training for certification in Millah. Click the following links to view letters of certification from Rabbi Sabbato [English | Hebrew], Rabbi Eliyahu Ben Haim, Av Beit Din of the Sepharadi communities of Queens, NY, and Rabbi Yehudah Giat, expert Shohhet and Menaqer in Jersualem. Rav Elkin is a full-time faculty member in the Mechinah Program at Yeshivah University, where he teaches students from literally all over the world. He also writes Gittin for several Batei Din in the New York-New Jersey area, including the Beth Din of Elizabeth, NJ, and the Sepharadic Beit Din of Rav Eliyahu Ben Haim, Shlit”a, in Queens, NY.

After 5 years as the Rav of the Sephardic Center of Fair Lawn, NJ (2006-2010), Rabbi Elkin and his family moved to Manhattan’s Upper West Side to serve as the Rav of the West Side Sephardic Synagogue from 2010 to 2013. Rabbi Elkin currently serves as the Rav of New York City’s Sephardi Center on West 100th Street and Columbus Avenue.

Before leaving for Yeshivah study in Israel, Rabbi Elkin completed his BA at New York University, with three major concentrations: French Language & Literature, German Language & Literature, & Economics. A fluent speaker of Hebrew, English, French, & German, Rabbi Elkin uses his multilingual background to reach out and connect with Jews from all four corners of the world.