This is the method of choice for shins, shanks, cheeks, tongues, and the generally tougher and more tendinous muscles on the carcass. Cholent is but one example. The accompanying vegetables tend to be of the kind that require long cooking times as well, and therein lies the blessing of the crockpot or slow cooker: you can cook up an entire meal - sides and all - in one simple effort. You can just dump the ingredients in, season them properly, set it, and forget it.

Beans, tubers, aromatics; pretty much everything works well in a crockpot. Even softer vegetables that contain a lot of liquid, such as tomatoes, mushrooms, squash, etc., can be cooked slowly and allowed to reduce gradually at a low temperature, while at the same time thickening the sauce and concentrating the flavors (something that sous-vide just can’t achieve). You will need to plan in advance, as most of these slow cooking cuts need at very least 4-6 hours to cook properly, and almost all of them benefit from additional time anyway.

It is fairy easy to cook this way, and save for selecting lean or fast-cooking cuts, the only way you can really ruin it is by cooking it dry (which will eventually scorch it) - so be careful to keep liquid in the pot, or by adding too much liquid, which would make the sauce watery and too loose in texture. Just be judicious in your choice of vegetables, herbs, and aromatics, and make sure that everything cooks properly. If you’d like to include any faster cooking herbs or garnishes, just add them towards the end of the cook, so that they don’t burn or scorch.

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