Legal Notice

Bisra Meats is proud to retail the largest variety of the finest meats and cuts in the Kosher market, if not the whole entire world. All of our products are processed under a HACCP compliant program and with the utmost care and concern for freshness, quality, and food safety.

Unfortunately we cannot take responsibility for what happens to the product once it leaves our hands and is no longer under our control. We don’t control the amount of time it takes you to refrigerate or freeze your meat once you’ve received it, how or for how long you cook it, the temperature settings on your fridge or freezer, or the sanitary condition of your kitchen, cooking utensils, or other ingredients. We’re sure they’re all perfect, but still.

We therefore recommend that all products be cooked to an internal temperature of 160 degrees Fahrenheit, as suggested by the USDA, to ensure the destruction of any potentially harmful pathogens. Cooking meat to any other degree of doneness, tasty though it may be, or for that matter any raw meat preparations, such as steak tartare, carpaccio, and sashimi, are all undertaken at the customer’s own risk and responsibility.

Any meat that you receive from us will be vacuum sealed for freshness and longevity. It should be refrigerated as soon as possible, even if you intend to cook it within 24 hours of receipt. Whatever will not be cooked in less than 1 day should be frozen immediately. We take great care to process and package the product under vacuum so that little to no harm is done to our quality products by freezing them. Use that to your advantage. There is no good reason to take any food safety chances, and you are much better off safe than sorry.

For that reason products that are shipped will be frozen before shipping. All of the common couriers warn that there is always a chance that the shipping might take up to 24 hours longer than anticipated (and paid for), even though they’re usually on time nearly 99% of the time. Bad weather, high traffic volume on long weekends and holidays, and airport delays or closings can all influence shipping times for the worst, no matter how hard the company tries. The vacuum packaging makes for superb flavor and quality retention, and it’s just not worth the risk to ship it in any riskier fashion. We cannot bear the responsibility for a courier’s promised or expected shipping time, though you may be able to take it up with them if you insured the parcel. That’s why we outsource it. They’re set up for these kinds of things.

Please handle the products safely and responsibly, enjoy them thoroughly, and come back for more!