• How do I order from Bisra?

    Ordering from our new website is quick and easy!

    Click on the “Shop” button to get a look at the wide variety of products that we offer by category.  You’ll see a sidebar on the left with all the different categories of products that we offer, and the products in those categories will appear in the main window when you click on any one of the categories.  You can either browse for ideas, or sort the products by price, popularity, newness, etc., just note that some categories cover more than one page.

    For your convenience, we’ve now organized our entire array of products by cooking method as well!  Now you can decide first how you’ll be cooking (grilling, pan frying, oven baking, stewing, etc.) and then find the cuts that work the best for the method of your choice.  Items from a variety of categories such as beef, lamb, and goat, will appear on the page as suggestions, which you can also sort however you’d like.

  • Do you take orders over the phone?

    We can and we do, but it’s always best to place your orders through the website. It’s quick, easy, and straightforward, and it ensures that what you ordered will be packaged and shipped together. We cannot always accommodate phoned-in adjustments of orders, though, so don’t hesitate to call or e-mail us ahead of time in order to verify if something particular is available before placing your order through the website.

    That having been said, if you are unable to connect to the Internet or would feel more comfortable asking about a particular cut or a particular preparation before placing your order, feel free to call one in at 201-880-7688.

  • How many pounds of meat am I ordering?

    Most of the cuts and sizes on our website are listed in pounds, so if you’d like a particular roast of a certain target weight, just scroll down in the Quantity menu to find the size you’re looking for.

    For example, Beef Tri-Tip steak is a fantastic cut grilling, oven roasting, and smoking, but God, for reasons of His own, only made them so big.  Since the maximum weight you’ll get out of a tri-tip is just over 2.5 lbs., we made that the maximum size you can order.

    Other products, such as the dried ones, are available for purchase in packages of 4 ounces, for example. In this case you will be ordering 1 package for every unit you put in for, but not 1 pound.

  • How many pounds of meat do I need?

    As a rule of thumb, figure about 0.75 lbs. (~330g) per person if this particular meat dish is going to be a main course or the focus of a steak dinner.

    You can calculate around 0.5 lbs. (~225g) per person if it will be accompanied by significant side dishes, salads, or other meat options.

    Big eaters might consume up to 1.0 lb. per person, especially if they’re not the ones paying for it.  The quantity you need will vary depending on the appetites of those at your table (small children eat less) and your grilling and cooking talents (everyone will want seconds of properly cooked meat).

    Otherwise polite and well behaved guests will devour our meat because it’s supremely tasty. It never hurts to have a little extra on hand when you’re grilling. Friends and neighbors who catch wind of our steaks on a grill will usually find a way to get at them and deplete your reserves before you know it (or before you yourself have had any). So please decide how much you’d like to have on hand when you place your order, as we unfortunately cannot take responsibility for these decisions for you!

  • Can you accommodate “walk-ins”?

    Bisra LLC is a meat packing facility and not a retail butcher shop. Since we specialize in custom butchery of the animals that we process, we don’t package the meat until it has actually been ordered. This ensures the ultimate freshness of our meat, and it is one of the many advantages that we have over the standard butcher shop, where meat is prepackaged and sits in plastic wrap until it is finally purchased. We won’t package your meat until you tell us how you want it done, and the variety of cuts and options that we can offer as a result is simply unsurpassed in the Kosher marketplace.

    While you’re welcome to come by in order to pick up your order, you will not find deli cases full of prepackaged meat in foam trays and plastic wrap. We don’t believe in it! Our meat is handled with the utmost care and under closely controlled temperature, humidity, and air circulation before it is packaged, and you don’t need to be a gourmet chef in order to tell the difference when you taste it.  Placing your order through the website will let us know how much of what you’d like and will ensure that you get it on time. Our work and production schedules are tight, so walk-ins are hard for us to schedule around.

    Browse the site and take in the huge variety of meats, cuts, and products. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, feel free to call or email us, or message our FaceBook page with what you’re interested in.  Even if we don’t have something in stock, chances are we know where to find it.

  • Do you ship out of the area?


    Bisra is now able to ship meat all across the country in refrigerated shipping containers.  Shipping costs are obviously a function of location and weight, so bear in mind when you place an out-of-area order that you can get about 20 lbs. of product into one of these containers, and that UPS will probably charge you as if that were how much was in there regardless of the parcel’s actual weight.

    Click here to learn more about dimensional weight from UPS’s website. It’s how couriers don’t lose money delivering boxes that take up space but weigh next to nothing.

  • Payment terms and conditions

    Payment must be made at checkout in order for an order to be finalized and delivered.

    We accept all major credit cards at Bisra, but we are unable to accept product returns due to the perishable nature of the products.

    Refunds or store credits, at the customer’s choice, will be issued for products that are out of stock or undeliverable due to customer location within 5 business days of the placement of the order.

    For customer service please call 201-880-7688, or email [email protected]