Terms & Conditions

IMPORTANT! Please be aware that due to the COVID-19 crisis we are experiencing a surge in demand and may require more time to fulfill your order or backorder than usual.

Be advised as well that UPS is no longer guaranteeing delivery times or offering insurance against loss of perishable products, so we are only allowing for UPS Next Day Air and Next Day Air Saver service until the crisis subsides.

When should my order be delivered?

When was the order placed?

Orders for in-stock items placed by the end of the business day (5:00 PM) on Tuesday can be out for delivery or picked up between 4:00 PM and 7:00 PM on Thursday.

If your order is for delivery within Bergen County, NJ, you should expect the delivery to arrive between 5:00 PM and 9:30 PM.

A 20% restocking fee will be applied to orders delivered to an address during delivery hours if there was no adult or doorman available to receive the product and no other instructions were given to the driver.

When should my order ship and arrive?

In light of the COVID-19 crisis, we no longer offer any shipping option that isn’t guaranteed to arrive within one day maximum in transit. There is no insurance available that will cover product spoilage, and it simply isn’t worth the risk or the hassle.

If your products are held up by 1 day, it usually isn’t the end of the world. We ship in insulated containers with dry ice and gel packs, and we pack for up to 48 hours in transit, just as an extra precaution. That said, there is no way we can pack for the product to spend an entire weekend in a shipping warehouse if they are off by more than one day, and inclement weather and road closures are well out of our hands.

You will receive a tracking number from the courier. Please refer to it when tracking your shipment, but do not call us - it literally is no longer in our hands once we hand it off to them.

Where do you deliver?

We offer evening delivery to the following towns in Bergen County for a flat rate of $20.00: Teaneck, Bergenfield, Englewood, Tenafly, Fair Lawn, Hackensack, and Paramus. [ZIP Codes: 07666, 07621, 07631,07670, 07410, 07601, 97652]

You can save yourself $20.00 (or get $20.00 more in delicious meat) by picking it up yourself or by sending an Uber, Lyft, or any other driver. Just be sure to coordinate with us in advance via phone or email to make sure that your order is ready before booking a service.

For locations further away from our facility but still within Bergen County, the flat rate for delivery is $25.00. That’s because they’re further away, take longer to reach, and cost us more in labor and gas. Move closer to Hackensack and you’ll get yourself a discount.

Pick-up times for orders that we are neither delivering nor shipping are from 4:00 PM to 7:00 PM on the day that your order is ready, unless otherwise coordinated in advance. Please call or email us BEFORE placing your order if you need it picked up or delivered before then. We can usually accommodate, but sometimes the work schedule makes it hard to guarantee.


Bisra LLC will only offer refunds for orders that have not yet been packaged, sliced, or portioned (or, in the case of whole animal orders, slaughtered). That’s because once the meat has been cut to suit in any way to suit, it is pretty much useless to anyone who didn’t want it that way. Refunds are therefore at our sole discretion.

For legal reasons we are unable under any circumstances to receive returns. Once the product has left our facility, we cannot be responsible for how it is stored, the temperature at which it is kept, or how it is handled, and we therefore cannot resell it to anyone else, period.

If for whatever reason you believe that the meat that you received from us was not in wholesome condition, by all means do freeze it right away and reach out to us ASAP. We will rectify the situation to the best of our ability if it is determined that the product was not received in wholesome form.

Our apologies, but we do not offer refunds or substitutions if you cooked one of our products and didn’t like the way it came out. We can offer you cooking tips, pointers, good pieces of culinary advice, and on occasion even tested cooking times and temperatures. But yes, someone did try that once, and it generated a whole new disclaimer.

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