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USDA Choice Beef Hindquarter, Processed ($6.10/lb. of dressed quartered beef)

If you're serious about your meat and have the freezer space to accommodate, processing whole quarters of beef is a great way to economize on an entire batch that will include some of the choicest steaks and roasts that exist, some wonderful slow cooking meat and marrow bones, and the flexibility to decide how much of which cuts will be ground, cubed, or cut for pepper steak. A USDA Choice beef hindquarter weighs approximately 220 lbs., and we will process it, soak and salt, and package it for you according to your personal preferences for $6.10 per dressed pound (i.e. the weight of the raw quarter on the bone).  Prices will fluctuate from week to week and are subject to change without notice. A packaging fee will apply for each package as follows: $0.25 for each vacuum package 10" x 12" or smaller $0.50 for each vacuum package larger than 10" x 12" $1.00 for each package of bone-in steak wrapped in Bone Guard Below is a cut chart based on a minimal ground product scenario, where the steaks and roasts are kept at their maximal weights. Of course more ground beef is always possible at the expense of other cuts.  Feel free to contact us with your preferences.
Cut Wt., Lbs.
Tenderloin 5.00
Striploin 17.00
Flap Steak 3.75
Tri-Tip Steak 3.00
Flank Steak 2.00
Rump Roast 3.00
Rump Filet 2.00
Culotte 6.00
Sirloin Pavé Steak 1 2.00
Sirloin Pavé Steak 2 1.50
Skirt Steak 1.50
Eye of the Round 5.00
Top Round 10.00
Bottom Round 12.00
Heel 6.00
Shin 5.50
Ground Beef 12.00
Stew 6.00
Marrow Bones 6.00
Soup Bones 8.00
Lean Beef Stock Trim 5.00
Beef Fat 30.00
In the event that you are due a refund because your quarter came in a bit smaller, a check will be issued and sent to you with your order.  The packaging fee will be assessed according to your specifications after the completion of the packaging.
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