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Whole Goat, 40 lbs., Custom Cut ($10.50/lb.)

By far the most economical way to purchase top quality Beit Yosef goat! We will cut and package your goat however you like it; whole rack or goat chops, hindlegs bone-in or boneless, shoulder roasts or ossobuco, etc. Please provide any special instructions in the "Notes" section of your order.   From a 40-lb. goat you should expect: 2 shoulders of ~2.0 lbs each 2 shanks of ~0.5 lbs each ~2.5 lbs of neck chops ~3.0 lbs of riblets 2 racks of ribsteaks of ~1.75 lbs each ~2.0 lbs of saddle/loin chops 2 flanks (bellies) of ~1.5 lbs each 2 tenderloins of ~0.5 lbs each 2 hindlegs of ~5.5 lbs each 4 lb head (Cheeks, tongue, and brains) ~1.0 lbs of marrow/soup bones ~0.75 lbs bone-in stew meat ~2.5 lbs of liver ~0.5 lbs of kidneys ~0.5 lb heart ~0.25 lbs spleen (Testicles are a rare bonus, if intact!)   Please note that the following packaging fees apply: $0.25 per vacuum pouch up to 10" x 12" $0.50 per vacuum pouch larger than 10" x 12" $1.00 per "Bone Guard" vacuum pouch (necessary for racks, chops, and other bone-in preparations)
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