Why Choose Us?


All of our products are certified Glatt Kosher & to the Beit Yosef’s standards under the supervision of Rabbi Avidan Elkin and his team of assistants.

Bisra Meats LLC is proud to offer many products that are not commonly available on the Kosher market. Aside from the variety of meats, we offer an unsurpassed diversity of cuts and organ meats from all of the animals that we process. All of these cuts are soaked, salted, and packaged in our Hackensack, NJ facility.

Most of these cuts were previously available in North America until about 30 years ago, when for economic reasons the Niqur (aka “treboring”, or porging) of certain parts of the back half of Kosher mammals fell out of favor with the Kosher meat packing industry. Some cuts from the back half are still largely available (e.g. skirt steaks, hanger steaks, oxtails, and liver), but those muscles that require more time to properly clean have all but disappeared, much to the dismay of the Kosher chef and consumer.

It is our mission and our goal to revive the forgotten variety of meats and cuts that are and always have been Kosher. It is our Hashqafah (philosophy) that every Kosher meat item has its purpose, its own culinary use, and deserves its full respect, and we strive to make all of the forgotten cuts (and at least some of the forgotten animals!) once more available to the Kosher consumer.

For more information regarding Niqur, e-mail us at [email protected]