Bisra Meats LLC is proud to offer many products that are not commonly available on the Kosher market. Aside from the variety of meats, we offer an unsurpassed diversity of cuts and organ meats from all of the animals that we process. All of these cuts are soaked, salted, and packaged in our Hackensack, NJ facility.


Rabbi Avidan Elkin learned at MTJ on Manhattan’s Lower East Side and then at Yeshivat Netivot Yosef in Mizpe Yerihho, Israel, where he studied from 1999 to 2005, where he received Semikhah from Rav Shabbtai Sabbato, ShLYT”A. He began his rabbinic career at the Sephardi Center of Fair Lawn, NJ, in 2005, and from there moved to Manhattan’s Upper West Side, where he lived with his family until 2017. Since then the Elkins have been back in Bergen County, NJ, where the passion for meat and serving it to ‘Am Yisrael has only grown.


Rav Elkin taught at Yeshiva University from 2006 to 2015, and received his Semikhah in Shehhitah & Lung Checking from Rav Eliyahu Ben Chaim, ShLYT”A, of Queens, who serves as the Sepharadi Rosh Yeshivah at YU. Rav Elkin recveived his Semikhah in Niqur (fore- and hindquarter Treiboring) from Rav Yehudah Giat, ShLYT”A, the personal Shohhet of former Chief Rabbi of Israel, Rav Mordekhai Eliyahu, ZZ”L. Rav Elkin also trained in Millah by Rav Giat and received Semikhah from him in that field as well.


Rabbi Elkin graduated from NYU’s College of Arts & Sciences with a BA in 3 major concentrations: French Language & Literature, German Language & Literature, and Economics. He spent his third year in the University of Fribourg, Switzerland, and later spent 2 years studying general and special education at Bank Street College of Education in NYC. He spent 6 years as a Sofer Beit Din writitng Gittin for several NYC-area Batei Din, including the Beit Din of Elizabeth (under Rav Meir Elazar Teitz), the Beth Din of America (under the RCA), and the Sepharadi Beit Din of Rav Eliyahu Ben Chaim in Queens, NY.


All of our fresh, aged, and cured products are under the strict Kashrut supervision of Rabbi Avidan Elkin, ShLYT”A. Our cattle, goats, and lambs are all checked and approved as Kesheirim Lekhatehhillah to the standards of the Beit Yosef and RM”A regarding Sirkhot (lung adhesions). All of our meat is soaked and salted as a matter of protocol, but unsalted meat may be available upon special request.


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