“Bisra” is the ancient Aramaic word for “meat” . It is both the inspiration for our business and our mission statement to provide the best quality and widest variety of Kosher meats available. Meat in the traditional, original sense, and in all of its glory. From the common to the rare, our goal is to offer an unparalleled selection of cuts from both the front and the back half, nose to tail, the way it was always done.

Raising the bar in the Kosher meat industry, we invite you to try some of the unique cuts and meats that we provide, and it is our hope that making these cuts available here in the New York area – just as they are in Israel – will inspire a new generation of innovation and variety in the Kosher kitchen.

Check out our Beit Yosef, USDA choice beef and the variety of delicious cuts of goat and lamb, and be sure to check out our grass-fed, free-range sections for the utmost in quality and flavor of pastured, grass-finished meat. And don’t miss our meat.edu columns with information on cooking recommendations, methods of preparation, the ideal use of the variety of cuts, and the differences between the grass- and grain-finished meats.