Fresh USDA choice
and prime beef
Great variaty of steaks, roasts and other cuts.
Delicious cuts of
The best quality and widest deversity.
Dried Sausages
Superlative flavor, balance, and aroma are the
hallmark of our dried sausages.
Our own production products.
Great additions to appetizers and snacks.
From our own production.
Prosciutto (Beef)
Find the variety of these delicacies in our store.
One of the most delicious beef preparations on the planet.
Gourmet passover
Get ready for passover with our varity of lamb

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Cooking Methods - Pros & Cons: Stewing/Slow Cooking

Slow Cooking this is the method of choice for shins, shanks, cheeks, tongues, and the generally tougher and more tendinous muscles on the carcass. Cholent is but one example. more...

Cooking Methods - Pros & Cons: Grilling

Grilling is a great way to cook steaks, and very little else. Much of your success on the grill will be determined by selecting the proper cuts and how the specifications to which they are prepared. more...

Cooking Methods - Pros & Cons: Smoking/Barbecuing

Smoking/Barbecuing Both refer to the same process: extended cooking times at LOW cooking temperatures, calibrated to dissolve connective tissues, retain as much moisture as possible and to allow for as much smoke absorption as possible and desired. more...
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