Whole Hindquarter Supreme

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For the WHOLE Hindquarter you can expect approximately the following:

8-10 Filet Mignon Medallions (approx 5 oz each)
1 LB Chateaubriand
4 LBS Tomahawk Steak
4 LBS Major Flap Steak
1.5 LBS Minor Flap Steak
1.75 LBS Flank Steak
3.5 LBS Rump Roast
2 LBS Rump Filet Steak
3.5 LBS Picanha Steak
3 LBS Tri-Tip Steak
8 LBS NY Strip Roast Bone in
4 LBS Sirloin Pavé Steaks
6 PCS 1.50” Bone-In NY Strip Steaks
1 PC Thor’s Hammer 6-8 LBS
5 LBS Heel Meat (cubed)
5 LBS Cubed Skewer Meat
3 LBS Stew Meat
20 LBS Ground Beef (choice of 90/10 or 80/20)
5 LBS Eye of the Round Roast
3 LBS Bistro Steak
3 LBS Pepper Steak
2.5 LBS Minute Steak
2.5 LBS Sandwich Steak
10 LBS Lean Beef Trim for stock
1 PC Split Marrow Bone
10 LBS Soup Bones



  • Substitutions can be made for equal or greater value
  • If a substitution is preferred, after ordering speak with the office to update 201-965-1067
  • Approximations are minimums you can expect per cut
  • Please note, ordering a whole hindquarter will take additional time to prepare so shipping windows can vary
  • 8-10 LBS of salted fat for rendering is avail with purchase upon request


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Prime, Choice


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