Perfect Your Steak Game with 6 Simple Steps

Just follow these six simple steps to cook the perfect steak- every time.


♦Keep It Out and Keep It Dry!

Bring steak to room temperature, and pat dry before searing.

♦Salt, Pepper, Sizzle

You only need salt, pepper, oil, and parve butter for steakhouse perfection. 
Chef’s Tip! 
Use Avocado Oil for that perfect sear! 

♦Drop It While It’s Hot

Heat your pan well before adding the oil or meat.

Chef’s Tip! 

Invest in a quality cast iron or stainless steel pan for best results.

♦Press It and Forget It

Press the steak down and resist the urge to move it or check it.

Chef’s Tip!
Constant contact with the pan is essential for a steakhouse sear.

♦Flip, Baste, Repeat

Flip the steak with tongs and baste it with parve butter. Repeat until done.

♦Give it a Rest

Let rest for several minutes allowing the juices to redistribute for optimal flavor.

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